Big BBQ Weekend

The Big BBQ weekend at Norwich Camping is an annual event where the biggest brands in the BBQ/Grilling/Outdoor cooking world, showcase their products to the public. I feel very privileged to have been invited to demonstrate the Kamado Joe range as part of the #FireSquad. 

For 2023 it took place on the weekend of 22nd and 23rd April, and as such is often the case with April, we experience quite the range of weather! Day one was a beautful day, I arrived around an hour before gates opened to set up the grills. We had a Kamado Joe Classic 3, which I'm very familiar with as I own one, plus a Big Joe - which is exactly as it sounds...BIG. 

The purpose of the day is to demonstrate the versatility of the grills, and help to educate people on what you can do with a BBQ, with very little effort. To assist with this, we opted for the particularly popular 'smash burgers' and wings on the Big Joe, with chicken shawarma the star of the show on the Classic 3 using the JoeTisserie. 

The first day ran from 9-5 and it absolutely flew by. I barely had a chance to leave the Kamado area and by the time I popped out to go to the toilet, it was gone 4pm.