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The Best BBQ Blog in Norwich

Welcome to TheGrillShack.co.uk, a home for me to share my BBQ journey with you. Whether that be the cooks, or maybe the equipment, you'll find all of the information right here.

I'll be attending a number of events in 2023, so I'll be sure to provide a review of them should they be of interest to you.

I'm also now ...

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Smash Burgers

Smash burgers quickly became my favourite thing to cook on my Weber Kettle, especially after buying a plancha. It’s such a simple cook, almost too simple – but the results can be great. I’m constantly tweaking the way I cook and prepare the burgers. My aim is to achieve as close as I can to the classic ‘Five ...

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Bone-in Leg Of Lamb On The Rotisserie

Easter weekend calls for one thing, lamb! I’m not a huge fan of lamb as it happens, but I was keen to try it on the BBQ and see how things turned out, so Easter seemed the perfect time to test it out. Asda have been selling the large bone in leg of lamb with a little saving, so I popped over and picked up a 2kg ...

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