Where the magic happens! I've acquired a nice collection of grills since my BBQ journey began, enough to fill my shack! The main pieces of kit that I used are a Kamado Joe Classic 3 and a Traeger Timberline 850. I do also own an Ooni Karu 12 pizza oven, and a lesser used Weber Master-touch premium.

Kamado Joe Classic 3. As the name suggests, it's the classic bright red Kamado Joe that we know and love. I bought mine in November 2021 and it's the work horse of The Grill Shack. It was used for the vast majority of my cooks in Restaurant Roulette and is my go to for anything where I can have a bit of fun. I've cooked everything from a full roast dinner on it (including yorkshire puddings!), to wonderful reverse seared steak, a banging curry or a simple English breakfast. It's incredibly versatile and once you fully understand how to 'control' the fire / temperature, there really isn't a great deal that you can't do. It's ideal for a simple burger, but at the same time you can just as easily smoke a full packer brisket on it for 12-15 hours.

Traeger Timberline 850. The Traeger joined collection in November 2022, I'd been intrigued by stories on Instagram of it's simplicity and it looked like a grill that could fill a void where I had less time to tend to a cook. I have two small children and sometimes during the week when you have children to bath and put to bed, it's just not practical to tend to a cook on live fire. The Traeger is very much my simple smoker. It's controlled via wifi which means I can put something on to cook whislt tending to the kids, and know that I can monitor the progress from my phone. If it happens to be ready before I am, the app allows me to move to 'keep warm' mode and when I'm ready, it's waiting for me.