Planning Stage

Planning Stage

Planning Stage

When we decided to move house in 2020, I knew that I wanted somewhere with a large garden area to allow me to build a grill shack. I wasn’t sure exactly how it would look, or how much space I needed. I just knew that I wanted one.

We finally settled on a nice new build house on the outskirts of Norwich, with a large garden and patio area. It was perfect. The garage is attached to the house, which meant there would be a large walled area available for me to use. The grill shack planning began.

Moving house

It was due to be September by the time that we moved in. Despite everything going on in the world, I was able to view the house a couple of times in the meantime to help build out my vision.

The first port of call ahead of and designing and the building was to ensure there was suitable floor space. The existing patio area by the garage wall was a little small, so we had the developers add a couple of rows of slabs for us.

The Grill shack planning stage

The grill shack design

I had a rough idea in my head as to how I wanted things to look once finished, I took to to find someone to help me put those ideas into an image. The primary purpose of the grill shack was to provide shelter from the British weather. I wanted it to be more than that though. I knew I would often be in there for hours at the time, so I wanted it to be somewhere that others would be happy to hang out in the meantime. I needed it to be as future proof as possible too, how much space would I need in the years to come. After some back and forth, I received the final design and it was almost exactly what I had envisaged.


With the planning complete and the design work finished, it was time to recruit my dad, and source some materials. Find out more, in phase 2 of the Grill shack build.