My first rotisserie cook on the Weber kettle

    A rotisserie is a fantastic addition to your BBQ armoury. It’s also a very versatile addition as far as the many different types of meat that you can use it for. I purchased the stainless steel rotisserie ring from ‘Only Fire’ for the Weber Master touch premium. It was on offer at the time, so do keep an eye out if you are in the market for one. You should be able to pick up the stainless steel version in the UK for a little over one hundred pounds. As part of the kit, you’ll get the ring, which connects to the based of your kettle. You also get the power unit, which sits in a mount on the base. Finally, you get the ‘spit rod’ and 2 forks to hold the meat in place when cooking.

    The setup of the rotisserie ring is incredibly simple and takes just a few minutes. You’ll need a power source, your weber, some coal and your meat of choice. Popular meat for the rotisserie is chicken, so that’s what I used for its debut.

    The flavour that you get when cooking this way is different to traditional BBQ. It’s also a lot different, and better in my opinion than roasting in the oven. You should find that as long as you set up your coals correctly, you’ll get a nice even cook. I found that the cooking time is reduced too, a handy added benefit.

    Are you a fan of this style of cooking? If you’ve used anything similar, I would love to hear about the results. I don’t need an excuse to fire up the grill, but having something like this at my disposal allows me to cook larger joints of meat with relative ease.

    You can read more about my other cooks using the rotisserie ring, including a leg of lamb, here.